I am Felipe

Communications and marketing expert with 16 years of experience in media, corporations and sports organizations. Focused in the use of digital tools to achieve business goals.

I have extensive knowledge of the soccer industry, from management to operational problem solving. I am experienced in event production at the professional sports level. Driven by competition and leadership, I’ve been in charge of important tasks and projects, working for professional teams and federations in sponsorship, commercial and TV rights, ticketing and branding.

I am a specialist in the use of digital tools to create content and do marketing, from website/social media to CRM and email marketing. I have led brand positioning and product development projects to generate engagement and raise brand value and sales.

My background is in media, where I worked as a digital journalist and was responsible of a team of professionals. We create award winner content and also developed innovative products as mobile apps and VOD channels.

I am a team player with a creative and innovative approach to problem solving.  Soccer and sports in general are my passion, but I’m also interested in Science, Technology and Photography.