About me

I like The Beatles

Communications and marketing expert with 16 years of experience in media and corporations. Specialist in the use of digital tools to achieve business goals. I have led brand positioning and product development projects to generate engagement and raise brand value and sales.

I have worked in the media industry in Chile, as Head of Multimedia of El Mercurio online edition. There I led a team of journalist and designer to created stories and products. We developed an online TV channel, an official App and award winning news stories.

My experience continue in the soccer industry. I have worked as a Communications for a professional club, and as a Brand Manager, for the National Team. I developed skills in social media, digital marketing, branding, sponsorship and licenses strategics, ticketing, and eSports projects.

I have a degree in Journalism and a Master in Strategic Communications.

Soccer and sports in general are my passion, but I’m also interested in Science, Technology and Photography.