Award winning Multimedia story

“Radiotelescopio Alma: El mayor explorador del universo está en Chile” is a Multimedia project which I led while working in Emol. The goal was to tell the story of one of the biggest telescope network constructed to explore the Universe.

This giant complex of 66 radio telescopes is located in the Atacama dessert, in the north of Chile. In this multimedia report, the visitor can understand how it works, the complexity of its location, some of the current investigations and how space agencies from more than six countries are using these telescopes to look at the Universe.

This investigation was awarded the best online journalism publication of 2012, by the Sociedad Interamericana de la Prensa (SIP).

It was originally published in El Mercurio Online on November 25th, 2011. You can still see it here (need to enable Flash in your computer).

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