EMOL TV: Video on demand

Another innovation project in which I participated in was the creation of EMOL TV, or El Mercurio Online Television. Until 2010, the web portal of the chilean newspaper was publishing video content without a specific strategy.

That year, with a team of designers, video producers and journalists, we developed a new portal of video content. However, it wasn’t just to cover news, it was more than that. We created a full programe of shows which included News, Technology, Cars, Photography, Sports, Travel, among others.

In the following years, EMOL TV started to stream television with important news coverage; such as elections and natural disasters as well as major events, like the World Cup and musical festivals.

This was the first on demand tv platform of a media company in Chile, a very disruptive step that innovated and took the lead of media in the Internet era.

One of the shows with more visits and comments was “De 0 a 100”, a specialized cars series which I hosted for almost three years.

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